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    The Elements of Lynne


    Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host of 'The Splendid Table,' dishes on her past, her politics and dead green beans.

    Lynne Rossetto Kasper will tell you herself: She isn't much of a gardener. For all her canniness with foods that are grown--from punchy tomatoes to handfuls of baby greens to her favorite legume, the chickpea--it turns out there's a weak link in Kasper's repertoire.

    Salad Toppers: Going Beyond Bacon Bits

    “I don’t altogether agree that a plain green salad ever becomes a bore,” the famed British cookbook author Elizabeth David once noted.

    True, there’s nothing wrong with a plate of fresh greens dressed in silky oil and punchy vinegar. But sometimes it’s nice to sit down with a salad you’ve fussed over. A salad with a carefully conceived mix of colors, tastes, and textures. A salad that comes together simply but requires a little bit of doing.

    And nothing finishes off such a salad like a creative topping. Veer from the standard bacon bits and croutons with these eight — we promise they won’t be boring.

    Your Official Pregnancy Policy


    You probably know how you'll be voting next month when United States citizens hit the polls to elect a new president, but you may find that you're a little more conservative or liberal than you thought -- and suprisingly, it's got nothing to do with politics. Read on to find out whether you're leaning left or right when it comes to your pregnancy...

    Brain, Food


    If there was ever a time when cake seemed superfluous, this would have been it...As I lovingly swirled scant one-quarter cupfuls of batter in my crepe pan, trying to turn out 20 presentable, not merely edible, crepes, author Diane Ackerman was discussing the Holocaust on National Public Radio's Science Friday. My eye was on the pan and my hand was on the spatula, gently tucking it under delicate crepe edges. But my ears were taking in details about concentration camp victims, and their rationed 184 calories a day. There I was, my egg and cream and chocolate custard chilling, constructing what was possibly the highest-calorie confection ever to grace my kitchen counter, listening to tales of starvation and typhus, of war and courage. And here I'd thought I was being courageous, the abandon with which I was using butter...

    Are You Listening?


    Radio gets in your head. There may not be much poetry to that statement, but there is truth. Radio does somehow get inside our heads, but how? What is it about listening to radio that engages our intellect and emotions, focuses our attention, and connects us to far-flung people and places in such a personal way?

    The Eyes of Science

    Full Circle

    Intelligent guessing, backed by wisdom and understanding, has for the most part led the progression of medical science. It's accomplished a great deal, to be sure, but there's a new bridge in town, one that makes the pathway between the medical sciences and engineering principles a regular thoroughfare...

    Making Places


    How do you make a community? It's a question developers are forever asking, and they're consulting history, both real and imagined, to find out...